Deutsche Post Dhl Group - A Dixit partner

Deutsche Post Dhl Group - A Dixit partner

Deutsche Post DHL Group, a European leader in the postal industry with a world-class reputation for parcel delivery, partners Dixit, a specialist in value-for-money quality translations.

Deutsche Post DHL Group, born of the merger between the long-established German postal operator and the well-known international carrier, is the largest logistics provider worldwide. With 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour delivery services for parcels weighing up to 31 kilos, it offers a strong advantage for the many companies looking to send products abroad and avoid their customers suffering from cross-border delivery delays.

 A market with high potential!

The Germans are amongst the top three European countries in terms of internet sales. In 2015, 7 out of 10 Germans made purchases online. This represents 64% of the population during the 3 month concerned by the study (2015).

The most popular products bought online are clothing, electronics and telecoms, books and footwear.

German consumers spend approximately €514 per year online. In 2015, the German e-commerce market created 46.9 million euros of revenue, according to the German e-commerce organisation BeVH.

Going international with Dixit.

The language barrier remains a major obstacle for anyone wishing to export, and companies offering reliable German translations are scarce, given the more limited number of German speakers throughout the world. Dixit's German translation services are handled by professional translators. Relying on human translation entrusted to skilled translators guarantees a high-quality result, a far cry from the surreal machine translations often seen on the internet. In particular, it ensures that the vocabulary and style used for the translation is appropriate to that specific subject and those who will be reading it.

The choice of Dixit as a translation partner not only acknowledges the quality of its German translation services, but also testifies to their excellent value-for-money. The translations provided by Dixit are invoiced per word, based on a price of 0.06 euros/word, offering those companies who wish to expand into international markets the best price for the texts they need translating, and in particular for German translations: Dixit's clients pay only for the words actually translated!

Interview with an e-tailer

 1. Could you please take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Jean Marc Guatteri, Manager of the online store Brazilian Bikini Shop specialising in Brazilian beachwear.

2. When did you decide to open the website to the German market and for what reasons?

We were thinking globally from the very outset. In the beginning the website was launched in 16 different languages, the following year this was increased to 33 languages. The international market has always represented approximately 70 to 80% of sales over the years. For the German market and for the translation of the German website, we chose the online translation platform as our translation provider. (Editor's note: the website's translations into 33 languages are managed entirely by the platform)

3. What are the reasons behind your decision to use Deutsche Post/DHL's services? What are the advantages for your website, your customers?

Deutsche Post offers a high-quality service for our international deliveries, combined with a pricing structure adapted to our needs. We were unable to find a similar service with other providers, such as France's La Poste.