Translator's frequently asked questions


Who is able to register on

Only professional translators can register on the platform and all translators must be native speakers in the target language. The translators must be able to provide a valid company registration number and Intra Community VAT number (or equivalent in their country).

How to register?

To register on the platform, the translator must fill in all the required fields in the appropriate form. The application will be studied by the staff and if it is accepted, the translator will get access to the platform

How many language pairs can I add to my profil?

On Dixit, you can translate into only one target language, your mother tongue, in order to guarantee the most fluent and natural translation as possible. However, some are able to add more source languages. You are welcome to suggest your other source languages by e-mailing to [email protected]. Our team will determine whether a supplementary source language can be added or not.

How long does it take for my application to be accepted?

Once you have filled in all the required fields of the form, we will study your application and give you a response by e-mail within five working days. If your profile is accepted, you will immediately get access to the platform and see the translation projects available in your language pair.


I wish to be informed when new projects arrive on the platform.

When registering, this option is automatically enabled so you receive notification when a new project in your language pair is posted on the platform. This allows you to be one of the first informed about the project and increase the chance to get the project.

I do no longer wish to be informed when new projects arrive on the platform.

If you no longer wish to receive notifications, you can disable this option via the personal space, in the tab “Personal information”; “Preferences".

I receive notification; but when I log on to see the projects, there are no one available.

When a project is posted on the platform, all translators concerned by the languages and allowing the notifications, will receive an email. Therefore, it may happen that an other translator already took the project before you and when you log on, you are told that no projects in your language pair are available. If this occurs to you, we apologize and hope that you will be luckier next time.


How do I search for new translation projects?

A summary of available translation projects is shown in the personal space in the tab “Home”. The totality of the projects available are listed in the tab “Search for translations”. The translator has the possibility to translate directly or to reserve it for later. All reserved projects will be listed in the tab “My reserved translations”.

What does “open all” mean?

When a translator reserves several projects at the same time, they will be listed in the tab “My reserved projects”. The translator has then the possibility to open all the projects in a same window. This can save time for the translator, because he/she doesn’t have to open them one by one.

What is the image for?

The customer can attach a photo or image to the text to translate. This may help the translator understand the context of the text. It does not mean that the translator is supposed to add more text or create any content.

Am I allowed to cancel a project?

If the translator is unable to continue a project, he or she can cancel it. In that case, the translator will not receive compensation for that project.

After submission of a project, can I still modify the content?

Once the project has been submitted by the translator, it is directly sent to the customer. Therefore is it very important to submit the translation/proofreading only when it is totally finished and ready to be delivered to the customer. If the translator is unable to continue a project, he or she can cancel the translation. In that case, the translator will not receive compensation for the project.

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Who can take proofreading projects?

Only translators benefitting of the status “Confirmed” are able to take proofreading projects on Dixit. The translator can only proofread projects in his/her mother tongue.

Should I leave the corrections/notes I have made on a proofreading project?

Please do not leave any corrections in the translation because once proofread, the project will be sent directly to the customer.

How do I search for new proofreading projects?

You can search for a proofreading project via the tab “search for projects”, and select proofreadings in the search engine, called “type”.

Personal information

How can I modify my personal information?

Your personal information can be modified at any time via your personal space in the tab “Personal information”. click on the button “Modify” and change the details you wish. Do not forget to click on the button “submit” to save the changes.


What information is compulsory to request a payment?

To request a payment, the translator must fully complete his/her profile especially with the invoicing details and contact details. The translator must provide a valid Intracommunity VAT number, a Company Registration number or equivalent in his/her country.

How do I request a payment?

The translator can request a payment via his/her personal space, in the tab “Payment”, the translator can choose the way he/she wishes to be paid: Via Paypal or Bank transfer (only to SEPA Zone). The minimum amount for a payment is €10.00 with PAYPAL and € 50.00 with bank transfer.

How often can I be paid?

The translator can request up to two payments within 30 days for free. Each extra payment request will be charged € 0.50. The minimum amount of a payment request must be €10.00

How can I get paid?

Le traducteur peut demander un paiement via son espace personnel, dans l'onglet «Retrait d’argent», le traducteur peut choisir la façon dont il/elle souhaite être payé: Via Paypal ou par virement bancaire (uniquement pour la zone SEPA). The mininum amount is 10.00€ via PAYPAL and 50.00€ via Bank transfer.

How long does it take to get paid?

Payment requests are processed within five business days. This may be longer if any compulsory information was not provided by the translator prior to the payment request.


What information is required for the edition of my invoice?

The translator’s profile must be fully filled in and information related to contact details and invoicing must be valid and complete. The translator must provide a Company Registration number and an Intracommunity VAT number.

How do I see my invoices?

The translator is able to see all his/her invoices in the “transactions history” tab.