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The General Terms and Conditions is an agreement between you and Dixit Global Solutions S.A.S, “Dixit” registered in Antibes, France under the company number 790 984 603. The registered office of Dixit is at 291, rue Albert Caquot, 06560 Sophia Antipolis, France.

In order to become a translator on the platform you must read, understand and accept the following conditions.

1. General

Dixit Global Solutions (hereafter referred to as “Dixit”) provides an online service for clients, private or professionals, who need human translation.

Translators, freelancers or agencies, can use the platform to bid for translation projects. The translators, all approved by Dixit, upon registration, can choose freely the projects they want to translate, as long as their language pair matches the ones required by the project. Once the translation done, it will be available on the platform, pending client approval.

Dixit cannot guarantee that the translator will receive job offers or assignments through the platform. Only the clients can create translation assignments. The client submits a project on the platform for translation, specifying the source and target language(s) and the theme of the text. Then, a translator registred with Dixit, has the possibility to reserve the assignment and translate it.

2. Registration

The translators must register on Dixit before being able to translate projects. The translator register for free on Dixit by completing a formula available on By registering, the translator accepts inevitably these General Terms and Conditions. The translator must also read and agree with the Non-Disclosure Agreement before registering on the platform.

The translator guarantees that all personal details that he/she provides are correct and complete. The translator must keep these details up to date regularly.

The translator can modify access details and personal informations at any time via the user account under “personal information”.

When registration is fully completed, the translator receives an e-mail from Dixit that confirms the registration. By this occasion, the translator is also given a personalized ID number. The translator will also be given a status either “Novice” or “Confirmed” depending on his/her experience in the translation field.

The translator agrees to provide only quality translations. Dixit is allowed to check from time to time the quality of translations made by a translator. Dixit will compare with quality of former translations of the same translator taking into account different criteria such as respect of deadlines, number of errors, number of order cancellations etc).

Registration to the platform is valid for an undetermined period and can be cancelled at any time by writing an e-mail to [email protected].

Neither the registration, nor the account are transferable. Each translator disposes of one account only. Each account must be used by one translator only.

The translator must maintain secret all account information (login, password, translator ID). If the data were to fall into the hands of unauthorized individuals, Dixit should be informed immediately. Dixit has then the right to block the account.

Dixit reserves the right to end the activity of its service at any time subject to pay as soon as possible the translator for any compensation already earned.

3. Reservation and acceptance of orders

The translator has the possibility to reserve several assignments simultaneously within a limit of 1000 words. If the translator is already translating a text, he/she can reserve an other text for two hours maximum.

The client’s order is posted on the platform and is available to all the translators whose language pair(s) matches the one(s) required in the order.

Dixit may cancel the order at any time before its acceptance or reservation by a translator. Similarly, the customer can modify the order until the acceptance / reservation by a translator.

The order is given to the translator who reserves / accepts the offer first.

Some projects may be offered to the translator outside the platform (via e-mail). The translator is free to accept or decline the job.

4. Submission of texts, respect of deadline.

After acceptance of the order, the translator must follow the instructions given by the client, and other criteria specified in advance. Dixit is not responsible if the translations or other content transmitted by the translator contains:

- A false or misleading content

- A violation of intellectual property or other property right

- An illegal content

Delays begin upon acceptance of the order by a translator.

The translator must undertake an order only if he/she is sure to be able to translate it within the indicated deadline.

The translator is strongly advised to begin to work on the translation as soon as he/she reserves/accepts the order to be able to submit the translation within the deadline.

The translator has the possibility to translate directly on the dashboard available on the translator account. Submission of translations to the client is always done via the Dixit platform.

Once finished, the translation shall be submitted via the platform no later than the time specified in the order. If the translation is submitted after the deadline, the translator’s compensation may be reduced or even retained.

If the translator encounters problems or is unable to submit the translation on time, he/she can cancel the order via the “cancel” button available on the dashboard.

In this case, the translator will not be paid.

In case of cancellation, Dixit reserves the right to reduce the quality level of the translator or in the case of repeated or abusive cancellations, exclude definitively the translator from Dixit.

5. Basic rules

It is forbidden to submit any translation that can harm or infringe the rights of third parties (such as eg. Trademark Law, brand, copyright or the protection of personal data, databases) that is defamatory or illegal, sexual, pornographic, offensive, glorify violence or contain other illegal content.

Also, the translator agrees to report to Dixit any text or project with illegal content.

If the translator violates one or more of the basic rules, Dixit reserves all rights to block the translator’s access to the platform.

6. Acceptance or rejection by the client

The client has three days to accept or reject the completed translation.

If the client requests a revision of the translation, and it is justified, the translator will be automatically notified by Dixit and must then correct the translation for free.

A request for revision is justified if the translation does not match the initial requirements, violates the fundamental rules, is unfit for use or contains errors.

After three days, the order will automatically be considered as accepted and the customer will be charged of the corresponding amount.

If the translator does not correct the translation, Dixit has then the right to reduce the translator’s compensation or retain the compensation.

With the agreement of the client, Dixit will place the order again on the platform and it will be available to other translators with matching language skills.

7. Compensation

If the translator completes and submits an order in accordance with the specifications and initial requirements, the translator may then receive compensation. The fee for translation is set to EUR 0,05 cents/word and EUR 0,025 cents/word for proofreading. The fee for translation and proofreading is the same for all languages.

Some projects may be offered to the translator outside the platform (via e-mail). The compensation will be a fixed price for the whole project, not on a per-word-basis. The translator is free to accept or decline the project.

Dixit also proposes the setting up of  'Translator Teams' dedicated to a client. If Dixit invites you to be part of such a team and you agree, a rate per word will be specified for that specific client/project. This rate may be lower or higher that the current rates on depending on the difficulty of the project. You will be free to accept or not at any time. 

The translator will receive no compensation if a translation infringes the rights of a third party such as intellectual property or personal rights and the translator may be obliged to pay back any compensation already earned.

Payments will be made by Dixit Global Solutions. Currently, under French tax law, Dixit is required to request certain taxpayer information from translators who receive compensation from Dixit (whether such persons are French taxpayers or not). We may request supplementary information from you in the future, if required by the French tax law. All information collected will be used only to fulfill Dixit requirements under French law and for any other purpose.

Taxable translators and living in France must dispose of a valid Intra-community VAT number and a Company Registration number before taking a project on the platform.

On, only professional translators are allowed to translate on the platform.

The translator agrees to report as income all compensation received by Dixit. The translator agrees and acknowledges the obligation to pay all self-employment and other taxes on such income.

Every translator working on’s platform is considered as an independent contractor. Nothing in these General Terms and Conditions shall classify the translator with the status of agent, employee or representative of the Company.

8. Payment of compensation

The translator may request two payments for free within 30 days, of a minimum amount of EUR 10,00. The translator has the possibility to request supplementary payments but will then be charged EUR 0,50 cents per extra payment.

Payment of the fees will only take place on demand by the translator. Moreover, payment can only take place if the translator has provided Dixit with an EU reference bank or international PayPal or MoneyBookers account to which payment will be transferred. Payments via bank transfer are only possible towards Europe, and for amounts above 50€.

Payment requests are processed within five business days of your request.

Please note that bank transactions and payment methods can generate extra fees related to a translation will be charged to the translator. These fees are NOT collected by Dixit.

For projects outside the platform via "Project Manager" or via "Translator Teams" the addition of credits, ie the translator's remuneration for this project, can be carried out 30 days after receipt of the project by the client. If this is the case, this will be stipulated by email to the translator. The translator will be free to accept or refuse.

9. Cancellation

The translator as well as Dixit may terminate this Agreement at any time without any specific reason. Dixit may only do so with notice of two weeks at the end of the following month. Cancellation of the contract must be in written, by sending an e-mail to Dixit.

All ongoing projects must be submitted before putting an end to the contract.

Dixit may cancel an order or the contract if one of the following events is produced by the translator :

- Transgression of one or more of the Basic Rules of these General Terms and Conditions.

- Membership or promotion of associations or communities that are under surveillance by the police, security services or child protection services.

- Damage caused to one or more persons through Dixit's website (e.g. Written or oral defamation, breaches of copyright or trademarks, etc.).

On cancellation of the contract, Dixit will immediately delete all access information and personal data related to registration on

On termination of the contract, any amount already earned by the translator shall be credited on his/her account.

10. Confidentiality

The translator undertakes to treat all documents and information from clients, in confidentiality. All information must be kept secret from third parties. All information made available by Dixit (including copies) shall be returned to Dixit or destroyed immediately with proofs of destroyment. All information related to an order or to a client is strictly confidential and must be kept secret to third parties. Please refer to the Non-Disclosure Agreement available on The translator must read and accept the Non-Disclosure Agreement before taking a project on Dixit.

11. Poaching of Clients

It is prohibited to poach or attempt to establish business relationship with clients outside Dixit. If this occurs, Dixit has the right to exclude definitely the translator of the service. All other rights are reserved, especially the pursuit of compensation claims against the translator for loss of profit.

12. Responsibility

Dixit does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information on the website, and neither adopts, endorses, nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, or statement made.

The legal responsibility of Dixit may only be incurred in the event of intentional misconduct, extreme negligence or physical injury caused by one of Dixit’s legal representatives.

13. Data backup

Dixit proceeds regularly to backup of the translator’s stored data. In the case of a loss of data, Dixit will take up action to restore the data.

14. Protection of data

Dixit sees to that all your personal information and details are highly protected on our servers. All personal information is strictly used in the context of the contractual relationship between you and Dixit. This information will not be passed to third parties without your consent. Please refer to Dixit’s Privacy Policy at the end of these Terms and Conditions.

15. Modifications of the General Terms and Conditions

Dixit is allowed to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time. The translator will be notified of any possible change by e-mail and by posting of the updated version on Without objection from the translator within a period of three weeks, this will be interpreted as acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.

If the translator objects to a change in the General Terms and Conditions, Dixit may exclude the translator from the platform.

16. Laws and Regulations

- The place of performance for all obligations arising from this contract is the headquarters of Dixit.

- French law applies to these Terms and Conditions. The original language of this contract is French.

- The jurisdiction applicable to trading partners is Antibes, France. Dixit is also authorized to take action in the courts within the jurisdiction of the translator's home.

- If one or more clause of these Terms and Conditions turns out to be invalid, it does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

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