Translate as ever

Today the platform is no longer simply used as an in-house solution, but is now a personalized service that is available to everyone and offers quality translations at a competitive price for its customers and is an additional source of income without constraints for its translators.

A simplified dashboard

The platform has been designed to facilitate the work of the translator. No need to worry about invoicing, wage negotiation or customer prospecting! Dixit takes care of all the administrative tasks for you. You can concentrate 100% on translating.

Free registration without any obligation

Register on Dixit as a translator or proofreader and access the platform 24/7. It is totally free and without obligation. Access limited to professional and experienced translators only.

Unique compensation and guaranteed payments

No need to worry about late payments or unpaid orders. Your compensation is automatically credited safely to your translator account on Dixit where you can check your balance at any time.

Enjoy the freedom

As a translator on the platform you can work at your own speed, wherever you are. You decide when to work and chose the projects that inspire you. On, the boss is YOU!

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