6000 Professional Translators on Dixit

6000 Professional Translators on Dixit

They are localized around the world and are now more than 6,000 translation professionals collaborating with our Dixit Online Platform.

Some of them have been with us since the very beginning of our adventure and still continue to support our customers (online sellers and various companies)  to succeed in their internationalization projects. It is therefore understandable that we are devoting an article to these collaborators of our online translation site.

The profile of translators on the platform

Every translator working on our translation agency site goes through a strict and very selective recruitment process. Indeed, in order for us to offer proper professional translations, it is important that the person who takes on the translation of a document or a website has a degree in Translation and/or has substantial experience in the field.

That is why a professional translator must meet at least two or three of the following criteria:

- Have a specialized degree in Translation

- Have a minimum of two years' experience in translation

- Have a VAT number or a Registered Company if they are in Europe for the freelance translator.

It therefore goes without saying that those who will take on your translation projects will have the necessary expertise to properly translate your documents or web pages.

In addition, thanks to the internal rating system that we have implemented, the quality level of our translations is maintained and ensured.

Specialities of the Dixit translator

First of all, it is good to know that the role of professional translators is to fill the cultural gaps between different countries by removing linguistic barriers.

Every translation professional on our platform has their own specialties. If some only specialize in the translation of e-commerce websites, others offer specialized translations.

Thus, a technical translator, a legal translator or a subtitle translator can be found on the website.

Everyone also has their favourite subject(s) in our translation agency. Note that since the launch of our translation website, texts intended for online stores (fashion, beauty, etc.), technical and legal documents are among the most processed by consultants.

How to find a translator on Dixit ? 

Unlike other online translation websites, at Dixit, the customer cannot see the full identity of a translator. However, we guarantee you that any project submitted is translated by a native professional whose information and experience have been carefully verified before being accepted on the platform.

Therefore, you can entrust them with your documents or websites to be translated with your eyes closed.

And if there are any typos in the translations, our team is there to assist you in solving this type of problem. The objective is to offer all our customers quality translations.

In addition to professional translators, know that the platform also works with proofreaders. The latter are translators who have proven themselves with their translations on the website (more than 10,000 words translated minimum), and who have years of experience in this area. The review of your documents is therefore in good hands.

A project manager service is also available. A DIXIT employee will be in charge of your project. Together, you will determine together the appropriate instructions for the translator, as well as select the best profiles for your project, and you will be supported up to its delivery.

The most popular languages

When identifying the translation projects completed on the platform over the last few years, we can see that English to French (or vice versa), German to French/English, Dutch to French translators are the most in demand.

However, it is also possible to request a translation into other languages than those above-mentioned. Indeed, the platform can support a translation into more than 40 languages. This means that there will always be at least one translator that can translate into the target language of your choice!

And even if it is a new language not yet available on the website, our team can recruit translators matching your request.

How do we manage translators?

With thousands of freelance service providers on the website, you will certainly be wondering how we manage them.

The keyword is "communication". Indeed, we are always in contact with our translation experts from the project notification until its completion, so that the texts can be quickly processed!

In the event of a delay, each translator receives an alert.

If corrections are to be made after delivery, we also contact the translators for any modifications. A review conducted by another translation professional is also possible.

On the customer's side, we maintain continuous communication, which is necessary if there are any doubts on the specifications or any concerns in terms of the submission of a project.

Join the team of translators

Every year, Dixit receives several thousand applications to become an online translator. However, validation is not automatic. The recruitment file of each consultant is reviewed, and only those who meet the strict criteria of the platform are admitted.

The goal is to offer work with good added value.

Over 2023, the search for these translation talents continues on our website, which today offers the best value for money on the market.

If you are a professional translator and would like to be part of this great adventure, click here to register.