Customer's frequently asked questions

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Who can use the Dixit platform?

Every type of customer can use Dixit: private, professional and e-retailers. Anyone can create an account for free and without obligations. Professional customers must provide a Company Registration Number and an Intra-Community VAT Number.

How to register?

Customers can register directly through the following link: https://www.dixit.com/en/registration. Registration is free and without any obligation. The customer may enroll at any time of sending an email to contact@dixit.com.

Post a translation project

How to post a translation project?

  • Once you have registered on the platform, you can post a translation project via your personal space by clicking on the button "translate a text" and paste your text into the provided space.

  • Choose the target language(s) into which you wish to have your project translated, and specify the category of your text.

  • At the bottom of the page you will see the total cost. Top up your account with the online secure payment system of your choice.

  • Once your account is topped up, go back to "My Projects" and confirm your order. If you do not do this last step, the translation will remain as a draft and will not be posted on the platform.

  • As soon as your translation is finished, you will be notified by e-mail and your project will be available in the tab "My Projects". Simply click on the "eye" icon to see your translation.

Project status on Dixit

  • Status "approved" = The project has been validated by the client and is waiting to be reserved by a translator. At this stage, the client can still cancel the project.
  • Status "in process" = The project has been reserved by a translator and is being translated. The client can no longer cancel the order.
  • Status "finished" = The project has been translated, the client can take back the project.
  • Status "draft" =The project has been saved, it is waiting to be validated by the client to be translated.

Lead time

The lead time of a translation is approximately 1500 words/day (business day). This does not include the proofreading option.
Depending on the category of the texts to translate, the lead time can be longer or shorter.
For voluminous projects we can setup a dedicated translator team and allocate your projects to the team.

Quick order

You can also post a project to be translated through our « quick order » feature. No need to create an account, it is convenient and fast!

In what case should I add an image to my translation project?

For some projects, e.g. translation of product descriptions, a visual support can help the translator understand exactly what is meant in the text and avoid any ambiguity. It is up to the customer whether he/she wishes to attach one or not.

May I modify or cancel an order?

You can modify or cancel a translation project until a translator reserves your project. After this, you cannot modify it or cancel it anymore.

Why is it important to give instructions to translators when I release a project?

Please give clear instructions and explain how you want your text to be translated to avoid any misinterpretation.

(E.g. your business activity, the person who will read the text, respect of a particular punctuation, expression to use, text format, pronoun etc.).

You can also choose the category of the text. It will also draw the attention of translators who have experience in the field.

For translations that require specific vocabulary, we recommend that you provide a glossary of words to use and that you take the proofreading option.

You can also join an image if the translation concerns a product. This may avoid any ambiguity about the vocabulary.

Our solutions

Manage all your translation projects, either on our platform by signing-up for free as a customer, or by integrating Dixit into your system via our API or one of our modules.
« PRO » Translation = 0.06€/word towards more than 38 languages
« EXPERT » Translation = 0.09€/word, includes proofreading, towards more than 38 languages
Via Project Manager:
Send us per mail your translation project and one of our project managers will take care of everything: Quotation, choice of translators, execution of your instructions, respect of the file’s formatting, etc.
«PRO» Translation = 0.10€/word towards more than 38 languages
«EXPERT» Translation = 0.14€/word, includes proofreading, towards more than 38 languages

Proofreading consists of having another professional translator, to proofread and correct your translation. The price of proofreading is €0.03/word. We recommend this option to optimize the quality of your translation.


I would like to be notified by e-mail when my translation(s) is/are finished.

You can choose to be notified when a project is finished. You can enable this option via your personal space in the tab "Personal information", "Preferences".

I no longer wish to receive notifications when my project(s) is/ are finished.

You can at any time disable the notification option via your personal space, in the tab "Personal Information"; "Preferences".

How do I get back my translation project once finished?

Once a translation project is finished, you will be notified by e-mail.
To see your project, you must log on to your personal space on dixit.com, and click on the button "My Projects".
Click on the line corresponding to your project. Once open, click on the eye symbol to see your translation.

Personal information

How can I modify my personal information?

Your personal information can be modified at any time via your personal space in the tab “Personal information”. Click on the button “Modify” and change the details you wish. Don't forget to click on the button “submit” to save the changes.

Buy credits

How do I top up my account?

Via the tab “Buy credits”, you can top up your account by Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer. Please take note that if you pay by Bank transfer, your credits will be available only upon receipt of the deposit.