Focusing on the future means investing in those who create it. With this in mind, Rencontres Internationales de La French Tech will hold its fourth annual event on 25 & 26 October - an event not to be missed for its entrepreneurial as well as its innovative impact.

RIFT 2017 – A key event on innovation

Rencontres Internationales de La French Tech (RIFT), holds events designed to bridge the gap between innovative SMEs and investors, entrepreneurs who have broken through to the international market, and IT and communication technology experts from the French government agency, Business France.

The RIFT 2017 program includes conferences on opportunities for international development, topical workshops, a competition open to innovative businesses (the International Digital Trophy), and one-on-one meetings. These one-on-one meetings are informative and bring together businesses, partners, and Business France experts who come from around the world to exchange information and ideas on development projects. It offers SMEs a great opportunity to build a network that will enable them to access invaluable resources and advice that will help them succeed on an international scale. For large groups and businesses that have already made their mark, it gives them an opportunity to capitalize on new trends that will drive future markets and to help those seeking their support. Furthermore, Rencontres Internationales de La French Tech enables SMEs to meet a number of sector experts who will help them to better grasp market issues, answer their questions, and consolidate their international development strategy.

Are you a French business in the digital sector looking to export your products or services? RIFT 2017 provides an opportunity to meet the leading stakeholders in international development, including representatives from the economic hub of the digital sector of French Embassies around the world.

Visit the official site of the RIFT 2017 event and its program. Participation is free, but you do need to register (see the attached registration form). The RIFT event will be held as usual in Paris Denfert-Rochereau, 77 Boulevard Saint-Jacques at Business France headquarters.

The support of the Business France Agency

Such an event could not take place, however, without the invaluable contribution of Business France, a government agency established on 1st January 2015 following the merger of UBIFRANCE and the French agency for international investments.

Its role is to promote the international development of French companies and to attract foreign investments to France. Business France seeks to promote the attractiveness of the French market, its businesses, and its territories. It carries out these tasks through the advice, benefits, and services it provides to businesses established in France. It encourages and organises public and private national provisions that promote the French market, with a view to innovation and internationalisation.

Some of its many roles include communication and information, ensuring that France’s image abroad and in the business world remains first-rate. Business France is therefore the cornerstone of Rencontres Internationales de La French Tech. It is also its main organiser and funding partner., Official Supplier of RIFT 2017

An event such as this, which brings together the most innovative SMEs and major French players in the international business scene, should not be overlooked. Rencontres Internationales de La French Tech has special meaning for Dixit, especially because it is participating in this event as Official Supplier for the second year running.

Dixit was created with the objective of organising and setting up a sustainable online translation network. Moreover,’s online translation platform had the good fortune of receiving the professional support of experts who helped it flourish in the market. The company is a perfect illustration of the desire to help international growth and offers its services daily to hundreds of French companies.
A concrete example of Dixit’s services to businesses: You are heading abroad as part of a development project and wish to promote your product catalogue. can quickly and effectively translate your catalogue into 38 languages at the last minute, while ensuring that your instructions are fully complied with.

Dixit therefore has a particular attachment to the spirit of RIFT. We are also delighted to announce our partnership as Official Supplier of RIFT 2017 for the second year running.

Join us on 25 & 26 October 2017 at Business France headquarters, (Subway Denfert-Rochereau), 77 Boulevard Saint-Jacques in Paris 14e. The Dixit team will be there to discuss your various projects with you.