Translating a website with Dixit

Translating a website with Dixit

A thriving e-commerce business is mainly dependent on its marketing policy. Certain businesses may prefer to only target a domestic customer base, i.e. those living in the same country. Others, however, opt for a more outward-looking attitude. For your project to be successful, it is essential that the various sales services offer a website that speaks the language of the target country. And for that, using the services of an external supplier is very often the best option in terms of both quality and efficiency.

Why translate a website?

Translating a website offers several advantages. The first and most obvious one is that this is a fundamental step towards increasing your customer base. There is no other option if you want your sales platform to be referenced by the search engines of your target country. It is also self-evident that a page written in a local language will attract more visitors than a foreign website. Translation aims to increase customer confidence. It also makes navigation easier and more fluid between the different sections of your online store. And this makes translating an e-commerce website the ideal solution to increase turnover.

How to translate your website?

The online platform offers two slightly different but equally advantageous options for the translation of your website.

The first solution is the Prestashop translation module. This practical tool enables you to translate into over 38 languages via Prestashop 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 or Prestashop Cloud. It is an option that makes a multilingual website simpler to navigate and manage. The module is available free of charge and you can easily download it from You then translate your pages, product descriptions and categories as and when you need them. The translations are automatically integrated into your website and a proofreading option is also available if needed.

The second alternative is Dixit's free API. The API from Dixit is a simple easy way to integrate your back office and offers a personalised translation service for your e-commerce website. In other words, the translation is carried out "on-demand" via the back office management system of your online store. The advantage of this option is the speed of translation whilst ensuring that quality always remains of prime importance. Just as with the Prestashop module, the various elements of your store are translated as and when needed.

Having your website translated is the best way to become better known. Carried out by a translation professional, a natural, high quality and professional text is always produced. guarantees work that is undertaken with care and attention, always corresponding to the style given and theme requested.