La Redoute launches its Chinese website

La Redoute launches its Chinese website

In order to expand its commercial field, La Redoute is expanding part of its operations to another country. Famous for its strong economic and demographic growth, China was chosen by La Redoute to develop its e-commerce website.

La Redoute is a partner of the Chinese group Azoya.

La Redoute's website is known internationally as overseas sales represent a quarter of its activity. It is also a partner of Azoya, a Chinese group that has a lot of experience in online business. Azoya is also active in many countries, including France. This solution provider assists online retailers who are expanding their business into China. With Azoya at its side, La Redoute can freely develop its website in terms of numerous parameters such as secure online payment, stock management, marketing strategy, strategic advice, and so on. With the help of this local partner, La Redoute will be able to translate its site into Chinese and expand its online sales in the country.

Why choose the Chinese market?

La Redoute has decided to enter the Chinese market in order to promote French culture in China. On the basis of customer types, La Redoute has placed greater importance on its new brand, La Redoute Madame. The product ranges offered for sale on La Redoute translated into Chinese are tailored to customer demand. La Redoute has established a dedicated after-sales service to strengthen the relationship with its new Chinese clients. This service is specifically adapted to how these customers consume, in terms, for instance, of size matching and of payment terms.

La Redoute is translating its website into Chinese.

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