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Translating your e-commerce or showcase website will open up new horizons globally. It is the key to expand your customer circle and increase turnover. ASOS, the British E-commerce site knows this well and realizes today 60% of their turnover outside the UK (source: e-commerce magazine).

According to the FEVAD, more than one site out of two is also present abroad, and 85 % of them expect their activity to increase by 2015.

The first step you should start with, to make your website become international, is to identify the new market(s) that your wish to target, whether they are European or world wide. You must also analyze the demand that exists for your product or service on this/these market(s). You may find tough competition for your product in Spain, but on the other hand, be surprised to see that your product is unique in the Eastern Europe...

The next step is to make sure that your site has a good visibility on the internet and increase it's SEO.

If you choose Poland as a new market, your website should inevitably be translated into Polish allow natural referencing on the internet and have Polish e-shoppers come and visit your site.

Moreover, visitors, will feel more comfortable if the navigate on a site that is translated in their mother tongue. They will tempt to feel like at home and chances that they complete their visit by purchasing will be higher.

Dixit.com will support you in this step, which is crucial for going globally. Dixit offers quality translations made by professionals, all qualified and native, to translate all the content of your website as naturally as possible: presentations, product descriptions, keywords, general terms and conditions etc...in more than 43 languages!

The concept of Dixit was invented by the manager of an e-commerce site translated in 33 languages. In collaboration with four partners, each one specialized in a specific field. Dixit was created as the key solution able to resolve each problem that an e-retailer may encounter in this adventure.

There are three ways to use the platform, all adapted to the need of private, professional or e-commerce customers: via the website www.dixit.com, the Webservice or Prestashop translation Module


Translate my website

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