Translation of your AdWords campaigns

Translation of your AdWords campaigns

Dixit: your AdWords campaigns translated into nearly 40 languages

To enjoy increased visibility and greater profitability, an e-merchant must also be able to offer its products abroad. But to effectively reach and attract potential customers, it must run its advertising campaigns in the language of the selected country. An internet platform specialised in the translation of AdWords campaigns would therefore prove to be an extremely useful tool. Dixit has gained valuable experience in the creation and translation of advertisements. The company translates your AdWords campaigns into 38 languages, thus enabling you to communicate quickly and effectively on an international scale.

Competent translators from various countries

To craft a compelling and crystal clear ad, you should seek the services of a skilled and experienced translator. Dixit has built an extensive network of carefully selected translators from around the globe. These qualified, experienced, and talented individuals are highly proficient in their mother tongue, with a perfect command of all its nuances and subtleties. Dixit firmly believes that translators are more effective when they translate into their native language. To translate AdWords campaigns, translators look for keywords and expressions commonly used by their compatriots.

They make sure they produce ads that are specifically tailored to the internet user’s interests, culture, and relevant business sector. In fact, their goal is to guarantee that internet users located on the other side of the globe are able to quickly find your products through their usual search channels. Our translators also use keyword generators to increase their level of quality and relevance. This contributes to the optimisation of your AdWords campaigns.

Highly competitive prices for excellent results

Dixit offers translations at extremely competitive prices. Translation platforms typically offer several types of quotes for various services. Our company has only two rates: € 0.06 per word for all express translation work handled by the customers themselves, or € 0.08 per word for more specific requests with the personalised support of a project manager, regardless of the complexity of the language. This pricing policy was designed with one goal in mind - to simplify the procedure for our customers.

Customer service that supports internet users

The customer service staff would be more than happy to provide you with any information you may need on Dixit's offers and services and is always available to address any of your questions or concerns.