Translation of video subtitles - our tips!

Translation of video subtitles - our tips!

With the advent of the internet, videos have become more widespread than they have been a decade ago. They quickly and visually describe any message their author wishes to transmit to the public on the internet. That is why they are such a resounding success. The content created is much more exciting and entertaining than any other medium.

The only concern surrounding videos is the language used by the target audience. If you want to reach a wide target audience, you will need to know how to speak English. Such is not the case with all internet users. Therefore, when you want to address those who do not know how to speak English, you will need to consider how to proceed with the translation of the script and, above all, where in the video you want it placed. You must think about localisation, creating and translating the subtitles and, if necessary, voice dubbing.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Subtitling expansion

The translation of text from English into another language will result in a significant increase in the number of words. In fact, unlike French for example, one of the distinguishing characteristics of the English language is its conciseness. This phenomenon is called expansion. Given the impact it may have on the quality of your video, it must be taken into account.

Choose a suitable soundtrack 

The choice of background sound is very important; the words or music must be tailored to the video. Use the right music at the right time to accompany your video. And, if you are thinking of dubbing it, make sure it is suitable.

Make sure to choose the right font

Each continent has its own practices and customs when it comes to the type of font used for subtitles. You must therefore be able to adapt the alphabet used and choose a format that can be easily read by your audience.

As you can see, the procedure is very delicate if you are doing it yourself for the very first time. All these tips will help you present your videos to a target country. The Dixit platform offers its video translation services in 38 languages.